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If you need a jumpstart in your business and you don't have time to code for your website, Pheme will take that task for you and provide you with the best communication solution in minutes that looks fantastic.

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Why Pheme?

An easy, proven way to increase your profit.

  • Email Chat Transcripts

    Our chat transcripts and offline emails are logged in full. It is easy to bring them into your account so that they can be retrieved at any time, or sent back to a client via email to make sure they receive a digital copy of the chat that has happened.

  • Smart Live Chat

    Chat with any SDK's or web app and reduce the development effort. Quickly generate mobile chat experiences with the full-functioning Pheme SDK's and worldwide real-time messages infrastructure. chat to any app or website.

  • Seamless Intergrations

    Pheme has covered you from community plugins to premium integrations. Open your applications and websites with unparalleled strength, velocity, and key functions.

  • 24x7 Live Support

    It's simple to offer customer service 24/7, even if you're not online, with offline message. Customers can submit their name, e-mail and sale or assistance requests, which you will receive a reply e-mail as soon as possible.

  • Easy setup process

    You'll be up and running in few quick steps with our easy integration guides, before you finish your cup of coffee! We will be pleased to assist you, or your server administrator if you encounter any trouble or prefer us to help you with the setup.

  • Rich Media Support

    Our Rich media support lets you create complex communication that elicit strong user response. Using the latest technologies around, the communication can include multiple levels of content in one placement, such as images, applets, streaming audio and video.

Our Solutions

Omnichannel Intergrations

Intergrate your app or website with your favourite social media applications and get easy and Seamless comminications between your team and your customers.

Email Solutions

Reach customers using a flexible email API and marketing tools to increase customer engagement.

Cross Platform & Device Apps

Cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging application operated provided as freeware for the Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux platforms

Internal Communication Apps

We provide internal communication with military grade encriptions and keeps conversations private by using peer-to-peer encryption, which does not rely on centralized private decryption methods

BOTS ! BOTS ! and More Bots

Build, train, and deploy artificially intelligent bots, IVRs, and Alexa apps using natural language understanding and machine learning frameworks with our smart super specialised APIs.

Voice Solutions (VOIP)

Build conversations anywhere. Make, receive, and monitor calls around the world using the Voice API that developers rely on.

Developer First.

We help developers intergrate and deploy cross-platform apps. From open source to premium services, Pheme makes communication lightning fast.

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Developer Friendly

Trusted by the elites.

Our clients are the world’s best known and best managed companies. We work around the world, in all functions and at all levels, from CEOs and executive board members to senior leaders, middle managers and professionals.

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  • MsgOwl
  • Foodhub
  • Maldives.com
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